Rampaffairz started building skate obstacles for second parties back in 2004. After several years of working experience at the former zumiez skatepark we felt it was time to share our knowledge of building good obstacles. It started with a small street course and a miniramp for local events. Today we have plenty of obstacles to fill a 2000 square meters arena. We also make obstacles on demand for events or permanent use. Want more info contact [email protected]

Here are some jobs we did in the past:

  • Antwerp Skate Contest 2013
  • Antwerp Skate Contest 2012
  • Antwerp Skate Contest 2011
  • Antwerp Skate Contest 2010
  • O’neill Skatefest Blankenberge 2013
  • O’neill Skatefest Blankenberge 2012
  • O’neill Skatefest Blankenberge 2011
  • O’neill Skatefest Blankenberge 2010
  • Red Bull Manny Mania 2012
  • Laundry Day 2012
  • Best Of The West Skateboardcup 2013
  • Best Of The West Skateboardcup 2012
  • Best Of The West Skateboardcup 2011
  • Best Of The West Skateboardcup 2010
  • Autoloze Zondag Brugge 2013
  • Mini ramp at Nike European Headquarters
  • Skatepark De veiling Oostende
  • Miniramp Wulpen Koksijde