Rampaffairz Skatepark

Entry Fee

Opening hours


Monday Closed  
Tuesday 13h - 20h (Skate - BMX - inline)
Wednesday 13h - 20h (Skate - BMX - inline)
Thursday 13h - 20h (Skate - BMX - inline)
Friday 13h - 19h (Skate - BMX - inline)
19h - 23h (Skateboard only)
Saturday 10h - 14h (Skate - BMX - inline)
14h - 20h (Skateboard only)
Sunday Closed  

Opening hours may be different during school holidays, check news.rampaffairz.be or call the skatepark to be sure.

Our park is made with focus on skateboarding but can be used for other urban sports such as BMX and inline skates. We don’t allow steps, mountainbikes and motorbikes.
BMX only allowed without pegs.

Our park can be rented for private group sessions after opening hours. Just perfect for schooltrips, birthday parties etc For more info email [email protected]

Rampaffairz Skatepark is located at the exact same spot of the famous ZumieZ skatepark. We are not taking over ZumieZ though. We are reopening the skatepark which got abandoned after Zumiez went bankrupt in february 2013. There is no affiliation whatsoever with the old management, although many things will remind you of the old ZumieZ skatepark. We will try in bringing back that feeling loved and shared by so many of you. A special thanks goes out to, RED BULL Belgium, friends and family and all of you for the support and patience.